In my sessions for women I offer four different kinds of bodywork. I highly encourage you to receive each one in the order they appear.

1st phase: New Moon – Pelvic Healing and Nurturing:

Pelvic Healing Bodywork consists of both gentle and deep bodywork focusing on the glutes, hips, tailbone, upper thighs, lower abdomen, and pubic bone. Then, if there is permission from you as the receiver, the session begins to encompass the full female body, and can be gently guided as to what you are feeling, where you are feeling it, if there is any discomfort, etc. The objective is for the giver to hold space and respond according to what you as the receiver are sharing. One can feel a deep sense of relaxation, intense pain, have a flashback of a past incident, and so much more.

When I received a pelvic healing bodywork for the first time, I felt a bit nervous, as I still couldn’t get it out of my mind that this type of work had adult implications to it. Not so at all. This work can do anything such as heal birthing wounds, re-align the tailbone and hip bones, move past abuse traumas, relax the first two chakras, allow primal emotions to be released, and so much more. After I received this session, I felt like I had lost ten pounds in my lower extremities and I wanted to go dancing all night with my new, light feeling body.

*Note- This is a great session for women on their moon time or about to be on their moon time. Your feminine body is safe and sacred with me!

2nd phase: Waxing Moon – Awakening and Stimulating the Shakti

This is the second phase in the women’s moon sessions, and it involves using arousal as a tool for transformation. The second phase of the moon is the crescent moon, which symbolizes the maiden exploring herself with curiosity and new awareness. Alongside with similar techniques of bodywork that were in the New Moon session, this time the receiver is encouraged to open up to the mysteries of her physical pleasure. Different areas of the sacred female body will be introduced to touch, and guided breathwork becomes a part of the experience. The receiver is gently guided into feeling her body as a safe place to open up to ecstasy.

3rd phase: Full Moon – Honoring the Ecstatic Sacred Feminine

In the 3rd women’s moon session, you are now fully aware of your body and are invited to tap into your bliss and passion that is all-encompassing of your turn on. All the meridians of you body are massaged with many different styles of tantric and taoist bodywork. This session will include specific forms of breath work, sound and toning therapy, and allowing the body to move with the energy of the session. Get ready to howl at the moon, sisters! This session is for you!

4th phase: Waning Moon: Integrating Self Love as One

Now that the other aspects have been introduced, you are ready to start integrating self help techniques as a tool for remembering your powerful feminine nature. Guided mediation, visualization, and words of affirmation are used in this final session to bridge the different realm of your body. These tools will be incorporated along with sacred bodywork as a way of completing the four cycles. All emotional expression are welcomed here. You will choose different mantras for empowering yourself in day-today life, and by the end of the session, peace and love in your heart, body, and soul will be my gift to you. You are an amazing powerful woman! And you deserve the best!


These sessions are on a sliding scale between $150-$250 for a 1.5 to 2 hour session. Therapeutic bodywork is always a part of these sessions, and a singing bowl sound healing, blanket wrap, and aromatic spritz is included at the end.

Ladies, if this sounds like something you would like to experience, please fill out my booking form. Thank you and hope to connect with you soon!


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