Welcome to my “Frequently Asked Questions” page. This page is for the Gentlemen’s services. Here you will find answers to some commonly asked questions. In the future, I will be making FAQ pages for my other services. Enjoy!


Old Faq

1) What is a tantra session like?

A tantra session will give you an opportunity to dive deep into your own body’s sensations. You will receive the utmost love and care from a highly trained provider. As a man, you might have been conditioned to believe that your role is to be the giver. And that a woman’s body is yours for gratification, and the idea that there is more pleasure just from receiving is foreign to you. That’s where tantra comes in. How can you know what a woman is experiencing during lovemaking if you’ve never received from her perspective? You might only know how she is reacting to you, versus how she is really feeling.

A tantra session gives you the opportunity to experience touch from a woman’s perspective, bridging the gap between the masculine and the feminine. Bodywork, chakra meditations, learning prolonging and sustaining techniques, and more are all a part of this wonderful experience. There is no need to “do”, no need to “give”, just let go and surrender into your own being. Enjoy!

2) This is my first time exploring tantra. Which session do you recommend I get?

Thank you for asking! Any session you’d like is perfect. All of my sessions are carefully crafted and I give my 100% to each one. I like Positively Playful myself since I can offer the most of my creativity with those sessions. Thank you for taking the plunge, and I’m looking forward to seeing you!

3) What is the difference in your three sessions?

The main difference is Relaxing Rapture does not include any of my signature tantra techniques, is mostly a therapeutic massage, and is less of a sensual experience. Ecstatic Euphoria is a mixture of massage and basic tantra, and Positively Playful (especially a 90 minute or 2 hour) includes all of my wonderful tantric practices, massage, stamina control, chakra meditation, breathwork, edging, plus the use of my pain free, penetration free, delicious feeling sensory toys. Whichever session you choose will be perfect. 🙂

4) What are your available hours?

I’m free 10am-9pm and my hours may change from day to day. I also require same day appointments to be made by 7pm.

5) May I ask what your rates are?

My rates are in the Gentlemen’s page of this website. Please scroll down that page to see the rates and descriptions of my fabulous sessions.

6) Do you ever lower you rates?

I do not lower my rates. My sessions are worth what I charge. Thank you. 🙂

7) Where exactly are you located? Do you ever do outcalls?

My San Francisco location is one mile from the Glen Park Bart station. It is in a peaceful quiet neighborhood with plenty of street parking. And the room has beautiful decor and looks like the inside of a temple.

My Nashville session space is located in a beautiful country home 15 minutes SW of downtown Nashville. It is clean, nicely decorated, very safe street parking, and a glorious bathtub.

My Boston location is in a sweet, quiet apartment in the town of Waltham. It is a 1/2 an hour west of Boston and is in a luxury apartment in a quiet area.

In each location, I offer many amenities for you to use. For instance, I have a hot shower available for both before and after the session, body wash, mouthwash, combs, breathmints, cough drops, and hand sanitizer. As a result, you will feel very pampered during your time with me.

I do not offer outcalls since everything I need to offer you a spectacular session is already in my locations, ready to go.  Looking forward to meeting you soon!

8) Is there a shower available, and is it necessary that I take one upon arriving?

Yes, you will be offered a shower both before and after the session at my place. It is included in the time you will be spending with me. I will have fresh towels, wash cloths, organic shampoo, conditioner, soap, and body wash available to you as well. I like people’s bodies to feel warm and relaxed right before I begin my session. Therefore, even if you showered prior to seeing me, I’ll still ask you to take another shower at my place. 🙂

9) Is it necessary to fill out your Book Now form?

I like to feel safe and connected to you prior to the session. Knowing your real world identity beforehand helps me decide if we are a good match. I never keep, store, or judge anyone’s personal info, this is just to ensure our compatibility together. Therefore, I ask everyone to fill out my carefully designed Book Now form. It only takes a minute to do, and helps me craft a session that is catered to your liking.

10) Do you work on a table, bed, or floor?

Hi there, thanks for asking. I work on a table since it’s better for my back, plus it gives me better support for the style of bodywork I offer.

11) Can we meet in person or do a Facetime in order to screen?

Thank you for your inquiry. I am open to a phone conversation prior to us meeting, but I do not do Facetime, or send photos of myself, or offer any form of video call prior to seeing my clients. Nor do I leave my studio to meet in person before the session. Please trust that you will have the kind of session you desire based on my screening availability as it is.

12) Is it ok to pay with Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo?

Thank you for asking, but when you arrive to the session, I ask for cash only.

13) I have never paid a deposit before, is this required?

Many businesses ask for some sort of deposit in order to hold your reservation. I ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to do this as well. This amount is taken out of the total amount of the session. The form of deposits I take are either through an Am@zon gift card that can be purchased online or in a store, or through Ca$hApp.

14) How come I can’t have your address right away?

Thanks, I get asked that a lot. First off, I want to make sure that when you arrive, I am prepped and ready to greet you versus say being in the shower, answering a phone call, cleaning up the room for a previous session that might have ran late, etc. And just in case someone cancels without communicating, they do not have my actual address. Discretion is important to me. 🙂

15) Do you offer Nuru?

Many people have a misconception as to what Nuru is. Nuru is a Japanese massage technique that is done in a wet spa. Instead of using oil, a very slippery massage gel that is made from seaweed is applied.  There are no safety perimeters between the provider and client’s body. A hose is used afterwards to wash down the table, and the whole service is very messy. This is commonly offered in Asian massage parlors.

I don’t have a wet spa to offer this service. So the answer is no, I do not offer Nuru. But what I do offer is wonderful and will keep you coming back for more. 🙂





16) Can I see you last minute?

I require at least one hour’s notice or more to book with me in Boston, 24 hours or more to book with me in San Francisco. If you can do that, then we’re good to go. 🙂

17) Can we chit chat during the session?

In order to have the best experience possible, the only talking that is preferred is when I’m guiding you through a particular experience. It is difficult for me to talk and work at the same time. Therefore, I ask that we stay focused on breathing and other aspects of the session. We can save the talking for when the session is over.

18) Do you mind if I have a few drinks beforehand or bring a bottle of wine?

Thank you for asking. I do not drink alcohol, and ask that you stay fully clear of any intoxicants in order to receive the full benefits of my sessions.

19) What do you wear during your sessions? Can I make a request on your outfit?

I wear whatever my body feels comfortable in. It changes from time to time depending on the session. I prefer not to share any more info than that. I do not take outfit requests, as everyone has been happy with how I present myself. Thank you.

20) Is your session mutual or a two way street?

Thanks, I get asked this question a lot. In Tantra, it is important that you are receiving the gifts I am offering. Many people believe that in order to feel pleasure, they need to be giving pleasure. That can be very rewarding and self validating. But it is not the core essence of how to receive a tantric experience. How can a person know what their lover is feeling if they don’t give themselves permission to receive in a similar way? I ask that you trust that you’re in good hands, and that what I offer will be plenty of pleasure for both of us. So the answer is no. The best way to give to me is to take immense joy in what I am already offering you. 🙂

21) Do you offer any online or webcam services?

Thank you for asking. All of my services involve being in person with each other. I know during times like these, safety is important. I make sure every session is done in as conscious & safe a way as possible. So seeing you in the flesh is how it continues to be. Blessings!

22) Do you offer BDSM or heavy spanking?

Thank you, I do not. This means nothing that involves pain or stresses my body out to give you. I also do not use rope or anything to tie people up.

23) Do you work with submissive men?

Hi there, thank you for asking. To me, being submissive means being relaxed, non-verbal, and are able to receive the sessions I am offering. If this feels aligned for you, than you are free to be as submissive as you would like. 🙂

24) May I do any worshiping of you, fetish play, or fondle your feet?

Thank you for asking. In Tantra, it is important that you are receiving the gifts I am offering. When a person has an agenda around what they’d like to do, including fixating on a person’s body parts, it puts them into their head rather than in their body. And it takes away from the overall tantric experience. So the answer is no. It is best for you to allow me to lead. I excel at sharing my knowledge and love in the work I am trained in.

25) Since I showed you personal info about me, can you show me personal info about you?

Thank you for asking. I receive inquiries about this a lot. All of my personal info has already been shared with the web owners of the ad you found me on. This is to ensure I am a real person, the same person who is in the ad, am of adult age, work independently, and do not have a criminal record of any kind. I hope this can work for you!

26) May I pay San Francisco rates for a session in Boston or Nashville?

Thanks for asking, but the rates for each city need to stay as is. I pay expensive travel fees, ads, rental spaces, and the like when I leave the SF Bay area. I appreciate seeing people who are comfortable paying for what I advertise. 🙂

27) I have more explicit questions to ask, is that ok?

You are welcome to ask me whatever questions you’d like.  But please make sure they are not objectifying or imply an illicit service, as I do not offer those. If you need some sort of verbal agreement for a specific act or experience, then I may not be the right practitioner for you. If you are able to let go of some pre-rehearsed destination experience, then you can truly invite a tantric practice of being present with what is versus what you have in your head. So please relax, trust, and let go. You are in good hands with me. 🙂

28) Is there anything I need to bring to the session?

Please bring your completely unscented, sober self, as well as payment for the session. Looking forward to meeting you soon!