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My reviews:

All of my reviews are positive, and each of those clients paid a deposit to book with me.
Looking forward to meeting you soon!


I screen every new client I see in order to ensure both of our safety in the session. To do this, prior to booking, I ask for either a LinkedIn profile with your photo, or a work ID with your name and photo, or a work website with your name and photo in the site, or a student ID badge showing your name and photo. I may also ask for an uncovered image of your driver's license so I can see you’re the same person as the one in your work. If this cannot work, then sharing the work website of current working tantra providers whom you have seen before and who can be easily reached to vouch for you is another option.

This form of screening is standard in the tantra industry. It creates safety for all parties. At the same time, I understand not wanting to offer personal info about yourself to a stranger. It can be quite daunting to share that piece of you to someone you haven't met yet. In a perfect world, us providers would never need to screen who we see, but there are more good reasons to screen than bad ones. Being safe so that I can continue to offer amazing, juicy, fulfilling tantra & massage sessions is important to me. Also, if the whole world can see your work info online, why can't I? I am a top-notch professional when I work, and would never, ever hold on to anything that is incriminating about someone. Privacy all ways around is key.

I do not meet up in public as a form of screening. I would still need to look you up online to make sure your identity feels safe to me. It would be awkward to enter a coffee shop with my laptop, sit in front of you, and do a google image search to find out who you are. I also do not screen once you're in my session space, as this would create an awkward situation similar to screening in public. All forms of screening are done in advance. If desired, you are welcome to have a phone chat with me to prove the legitimacy of who I am prior to being screened. And I do not do video calls of any kind. Hopefully this can work for you, and I’m greatly looking forward to meeting you and creating a safe, loving, tantra session together.

To proceed with my screening process, please fill out my Book Now form at


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I require a 20% deposit from all new clients that I see. If you become a regular client of mine, then the deposit can be forgone. To proceed with booking, you may either use C@$hApp (it can be downloaded onto a smartphone), or an Am@zon gift card (either by purchasing an e-gift card and sending me the clam code, or buying a physical gift card at a store and sending me the claim code on the back of the card). Both forms are easy and are the only forms of deposits I take.

Many times I have heard the phrase "I was scammed, so I don't do deposits" from people. It is an ongoing urban legend that a provider who asks for a deposit must be a scammer. It is important to do your homework on me if you feel concerned about the need for a deposit. If so, you will see that I have no negative reports, a fully valid website, top SEO placement for "Tantra San Francisco", valid contact info, and I advertise on several other adult websites where I needed to verify my identity to advertise there.

It is true that indeed, there are people who create fake websites and ads and/or ask for money upfront on scraper sites (websites created by stealing ads from other providers and pasting them without consent). But this has nothing to do with the tantra providers themselves. Many people need to cancel last minute or simply do not show up during their appointment time. This becomes stressful to accommodate. Hotels and other businesses ask for deposits or credit cards to secure a customer’s spot. This is common in the service industry. It is a myth that providers who ask for deposits are scammers.

Also, not to play the devil's advocate, but when scheduling a session with me, you will be bringing a large offering with you. A 20% deposit is small potatoes compared to the total cost of the session. People who are serious about their business (like myself) would rather have a busy schedule and create a fabulous experience for both of us than steal a 20% deposit and be out of integrity.

If desired, you are welcome to have a phone chat with me to prove the legitimacy of who I am. I do not do video calls or meet in person. A phone call is how I connect before the session. Also, sending a deposit ensures that you can bring less physical cash to the session, so it's a win-win all around. And I feel a lot more juicy and relaxed overall when a person can trust me from the get-go. Hopefully this all makes sense, and thank you for reading!