Welcome to my delicious den of delight! Here, I offer three luscious sessions for you to choose from. Each session is amazing and rewarding in their own flavor. This is your opportunity to relax and let go. Surrender into a blissed-out state of being and spirit. Allow yourself to slow down and experience every sensation in your body from head to toe. Learn more about pleasure within yourself and to share with your partner.

I see the male body as a creative force of life. When a man is fully in his power, nothing is more exciting to a women than to witness him in his glory. All parts of the divine masculine are sacred. It’s an incredibly alluring and magical energy to co-create. And here are the choices…



In the Relaxing Rapture session, you will experience a mixture of feather-light and tantalizing touches and sensations. Tension relief and yummy creative moves that will open up your ability to receive full body excitement. This session is a one-way experience, with the focus being all about you. My signature tantra techniques are not included in this session.

Desirable Candidates: This session is for those feeling some stress and needing to experience conscious loving touch from a talented goddess. If you have 60 or 90 minutes to just let go and slip away from the daily grind, this is the experience for you. Come in and turn off your mind and allow your body to be lusciously adored. <3

San Francisco: 1hr-180, 1.5hrs-260

Boston: 1hr-260, 1.5hrs-380

Nashville: 1hr-275, 1.5hrs-400



Not to worry, fabulous seekers, you get to receive ALL of Relaxing Rapture and more in your Ecstatic Euphoria sessions. You are granted the gift of mind blowing, spiritually altering tantric energies and meditations along with your body-to-body treatment. It is immensely exciting and fulfills many primal desires to let go in this manner. We may delve into: extended pleasure techniques, eye gazing, guided meditation through the chakras, tantric breath work, and more. We can create sessions to include tantric homework/home play as well as coaching on arousal, relationships, and how to keep your body prepared for ongoing intimate experiences. Together, we curate an experience best suited for your needs, relaxation and growth.

Desirable Candidates: You have always wanted to know more about tantra and spiritual intimacy, but haven’t known where to begin. Or you have been on a path of exploring your body’s potential and wish to continue this journey. Kundalini, tantra, breathwork, yoga and healthy awareness have been an interest of yours.

San Francisco : 1 hr-225, 1.5 hrs-325, 2 hrs-425

Boston: 1 hr-300, 1.5 hrs-440, 2 hrs-575

Nashville: 1 hr-325, 1.5 hrs-480, 2 hrs-620


The Positively Playful session is a luscious mixture of the first two sessions as well as an exquisite blend of diverse sensation which will leave you feeling both refreshed and stimulated. A variety of sensory objects are part of this experience, including feathers, massage toys, floggers, and more.

In this session, we go the extra mile for you to feel all different realms of yummy touch while still incorporating the tantric energy of a spiritual experience.

Desirable Candidates: You are a true sensualist at heart and love nothing more than to be in your body in all its glory. Being a yes to all forms of pleasure is right up your alley.

San Francisco: 1 hr-250, 1.5 hrs-350, 2 hrs-450

Boston: 1 hr-330, 1.5 hrs-480, 2 hrs-625

Nashville: 1 hr-350, 1.5 hrs-500, 2 hrs-650

*Note: These sessions are offered with the intention of guiding you through your journey to awaken your own highest potential. You will not hear back from me if you request an illegal service. Please refrain from using any language that is incriminating through email or over the phone. Thank you for your time!



“This was one of the most transformational experiences of my life…from the moment I walked in, to the relaxing peaceful environment…I was treated like a king the entire session. I WILL be back!” -S.E., sales management
“I had no idea I could learn as much about my body and spirit as I did, I felt right at ease.” -J.S., bio-engineer
“This lady is real and has a great vibe and teaching style with tantra and coaching.” -A.N., retired
“A gentle, compassionate and loving person, had a great time together. She is a true professional and outstanding at what she does.” -B.M., computer tech
“She took great care of me… I feel very refreshed and rejuvenated. Worth every penny and more!” -S.W., landscape design
“I finally get what tantra really is…all because of this talented woman.” -T.C., student