1) What is a tantra session like?

A tantra session will give you an opportunity to dive deep into your own body’s sensations. You will receive the utmost love and care from a highly trained provider. As a man, you might have been conditioned to believe that your role is to be the giver. And that a woman’s body is yours for gratification, and the idea that there is more pleasure just from receiving is foreign to you. That’s where tantra comes in. How can you know what a woman is experiencing during lovemaking if you’ve never received from her perspective? You might only know how she is reacting to you, versus how she is really feeling.

A tantra session gives you the opportunity to experience touch from a woman’s perspective, bridging the gap between the masculine and the feminine. Bodywork, chakra meditations, learning prolonging and sustaining techniques, and more are all a part of this wonderful experience. There is no need to “do”, no need to “give”, just let go and surrender into your own being. Enjoy!