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Tantra, Massage, & Sacred Healing in San Francisco, Nashville, & Boston


In Nashville 9/26-10/2

In Boston 10/4-10/10

In San Francisco 10/16-10/27


 Greetings! Thank you for finding my site. I welcome people from all walks of life to experience the different realms of consciousness through physical intimacy.

Love coaching, sacred healing, transformational bodywork, and more are my gifts to share with you. Whether you are experienced or not, I invite you to open up and share yourself as fully as possible. I am happy to greet you as best as I can in the place you are at.

For men, I provide tantric bodywork and/or coaching.  Women, I offer pelvic healing massage and physical transformation. Couples, I give tantric coaching and counseling sessions. I am here and available for you.

I have studied extensively in the tantric temple arts in the Love and Ecstasy training, Skydancing tantra, and much more. For nearly 20 years, I have been certified as a bodyworker and tantra practitioner.

Come celebrate yourself as an awakened, conscious, blissful being! Your body is a gift of pleasure. Let’s play in it together!

“A thousand mile journey starts with one step.”