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Tantra Massage San Francisco

in Berkeley, San Francisco, Nashville, & Boston


North Berkeley 6/13-6/22

Nashville 6/26-7/2


Greetings! Thank you for finding my site. Love Coaching, Sacred Healing, Transformational Bodywork…these are my gifts to share with you. 

For men, I provide tantric bodywork and/or coaching.  Women, I offer pelvic healing massage and physical transformation. Couples, I give tantric coaching and counseling sessions. I am here and available for you!

Whether you are experienced or not, I invite you to take a chance and come see me!

I have studied extensively the Tantric Temple Arts: The Love and Ecstasy Training, Skydancing Tantra, and so much more. And I have trained and received acclaim as an Advanced Bodyworker and Tantra Practitioner for nearly 20 years.

Come celebrate yourself as a more blissfully ecstatic being! Your body is a gift of pleasure. Let’s play in it together!

“A thousand mile journey starts with one step.”

 ** Tantra Massage San Francisco **