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  "Visiting NASHVILLE, TN on August 15th-21st"


Greetings! Thank you for finding my site, as I welcome people from all walks of life to experience the different realms of consciousness through physical intimacy.

Love coaching, sacred healing, transformational bodywork, and more are my gifts to share with you. Whether you are experienced or not, I invite you to open up and share yourself as fully as possible, and I am happy to greet you as best as I can in the place you are at.


For Men seeking Tantric Bodywork and/or Coaching, for Women seeking Pelvic Healing Massage and Physical Transformation, and for Couples seeking Tantric Coaching and Counseling, I am here and available for you.


I have studied extensively in the tantric temple arts in the Love and Ecstacy training, Skydancing tantra, and much more, and have been certified as a bodyworker and tantra practitioner for almost 20 years.

My San Francisco location is near the quiet neighborhoods of Noe Valley, Glen Park, and Diamond Heights in central San Francisco. There is ample street parking with no meters or street cleaning (yay!) and it's a very peaceful area near two great parks. Both the Bart and the Metro are one mile away.

Come celebrate yourself as an awakened, conscious, blissful being! Your body is a gift of pleasure. Let's play in it together!



"A thousand mile journey starts with one step."



 Welcome to my delicious den of delight. Here you will find all that you seek.... to relax, let go & surrender into a blissed out state of being and spirit.

 Allow yourself to slow down & experience every sensation in your body from head to toe. Learn more about pleasure within yourself & to share with your partner.

  I see the male body as the giver and creator of life. When a man is fully in his power, nothing is more exciting to a women than to witness him in his glory. All parts of the divine masculine are sacred, and it’s an incredibly alluring and magical energy to co create.





In this session, you will experience a mixture of feather light & tantilizing touches & sensations, tension relief & yummy creative moves that will open up your body’s ability to receive full body excitement. This session is a one way experience, with the focus being all about you.

Desirable Candidates- This session is for those feeling some stress & needing to experience conscious loving touch from a talented goddess. If you have 60 or 90 minutes to just let go & slip away from the daily grind, this is the experience for you. Come in & turn off your mind & allow your body to be lusciously adored. <3

San Francisco: 1hr-180, 1.5hrs-260  

Boston: 1hr-260, 1.5hrs-380

Nashville: 1hr-275, 1.5hrs-400




Not to worry, fabulous seekers, you get to receive ALL of Relaxing Rapture and more in your Ecstatic Euphoria sessions. You are granted the gift of mind blowing, spiritually altering tantric energies & meditations along with your body to body treatment. It is immensely exciting and fulfills many primal desires to let go in this manner. We may delve into anything from extended pleasure techniques, eye gazing, guided meditation through the chakras, tantric breath work, & more. We can create sessions to include tantric homework/home play as well as coaching on arousal, relationships, & how to keep your body prepared for ongoing intimate experiences. Together, we will curate an experience best suited for your needs, relaxation and growth.

Desirable Candidates- You have have always been interested in wanting to know more about tantra and spiritual intimacy but didn’t know where to begin. Or you have been on a path of exploring your body’s potential & wish to continue this journey. Kundalini, tantra, breathwork, yoga & healthy awareness have been an interest of yours.

San Francisco: 1hr-225, 1.5hrs-325, 2hrs-425

Boston: 1hr-300, 1.5hrs-440, 2hrs-575

Nashville: 1hr-325, 1.5hrs-480, 2hrs-620





This session is a luscious mixture of the first two sessions as well as an exquisite blend of diverse sensation which will leave you feeling both refreshed & stimulated. A variety of sensory objects are part of this experience, including feathers, massage toys, floggers, & more.

Desirable Candidates: In this session, we go the extra mile for you to feel all different realms of yummy touch while still incorporating the tantric energy of a spiritual experience. Plus you are a true sensualist at heart & love nothing more than to be in your body in all it’s glory. Being a yes to all forms of pleasure is right up your alley.

San Francisco: 1hr-250, 1.5hrs-375, 2hrs-450

Boston: 1hr-330, 1.5hrs-480, 2hrs-625

Nashville: 1hr-350, 1.5hrs-500, 2hrs-650

*Note: These sessions are offered with the intention of guiding you through your journey to awaken your own highest potential. You will not hear back from me if you request an illegal service. Please refrain from using any language that is incriminating through email or over the phone. Thank you for your time!

"This was one of the most transformational experiences of my life...from the moment I walked in, to the relaxing peaceful enviroment...I was treated like a king the entire session. I WILL be back!"  -S.E., sales management
"I had no idea my body could feel like it did, I felt right at ease in exploring my turn on. And she has the softest yet strongest hands I've ever encountered." -J.S., bio-engineer
"This lady is beautiful and sensual as all hell....but most importantly she is real and has a great spirit." -A.N., retired
"A gentle, compassionate and loving person, had a great time together. She is a true professional and outstanding at what she does." -B.M., computer tech
"She took great care of me... I feel very refreshed and rejuvenated. Worth every penny and more!" -S.W., landscape design
"I finally get what tantra really is...all because of this talented goddess." -T.C., student


shakti  In my sessions for women I offer four different kinds of bodywork. I highly encourage you to receive each one in the order they appear.


1st phase: New Moon - Pelvic Healing and Nurturing:

Pelvic Healing Bodywork consists of both gentle and deep bodywork focusing on the glutes, hips, tailbone, upper thighs, lower abdomen, and pubic bone. Then, if there is permission from you as the receiver, the session begins to encompass the full female body, and can be gently guided as to what you are feeling, where you are feeling it, if there is any discomfort, etc. The objective is for the giver to hold space and respond according to what you as the receiver are sharing. One can feel a deep sense of relaxation, intense pain, have a flashback of a past incident, and so much more.

When I received a pelvic healing bodywork for the first time, I felt a bit nervous, as I still couldn’t get it out of my mind that this type of work had adult implications to it. Not so at all. This work can do anything such as heal birthing wounds, re-align the tailbone and hip bones, move past abuse traumas, relax the first two chakras, allow primal emotions to be released, and so much more. After I received this session, I felt like I had lost ten pounds in my lower extremities and I wanted to go dancing all night with my new, light feeling body.

*Note- This is a great session for women on their moon time or about to be on their moon time. Your feminine body is safe and sacred with me!


2nd phase: Waxing Moon - Awakening and Stimulating the Shakti

This is the second phase in the women's moon sessions, and it involves using arousal as a tool for transformation. The second phase of the moon is the crescent moon, which symbolizes the maiden exploring herself with curiosity and new awareness. Alongside with similar techniques of bodywork that were in the New Moon session, this time the receiver is encouraged to open up to the mysteries of her physical pleasure. Different areas of the sacred female body will be introduced to touch, and guided breathwork becomes a part of the experience. The receiver is gently guided into feeling her body as a safe place to open up to ecstasy.


3rd phase: Full Moon - Honoring the Ecstatic Sacred Feminine

In the 3rd women’s moon session, you are now fully aware of your body and are invited to tap into your bliss and passion that is all-encompassing of your turn on. All the meridians of you body are massaged with many different styles of tantric and taoist bodywork. This session will include specific forms of breath work, sound and toning therapy, and allowing the body to move with the energy of the session. Get ready to howl at the moon, sisters! This session is for you!


4th phase: Waning Moon: Integrating Self Love as One

Now that the other aspects have been introduced, you are ready to start integrating self help techniques as a tool for remembering your powerful feminine nature. Guided mediation, visualization, and words of affirmation are used in this final session to bridge the different realm of your body. These tools will be incorporated along with sacred bodywork as a way of completing the four cycles. All emotional expression are welcomed here. You will choose different mantras for empowering yourself in day-today life, and by the end of the session, peace and love in your heart, body, and soul will be my gift to you. You are an amazing powerful woman! And you deserve the best!



These sessions are on a sliding scale between $150-$250 for a 1.5 to 2 hour session. Therapeutic bodywork is always a part of these sessions, and a singing bowl sound healing, blanket wrap, and aromatic spritz is included at the end.

Ladies, if this sounds like something you would like to experience, please fill out my booking form. Thank you and hope to connect with you soon!



yoni triangle


•  Do you desire more intimate time with your loved one?

•  Do you wish to be able to dive more deeply in your relationship?

•  Have you been having any blockages around touch and connection lately?

If so, I am honored to share my gifts with you. When we are in love, one of the highest forms of connecting with our partner is through conscious touch. In the session room, I create a safe space for you and your loved one to dive in deep with each other. There are many possibilities for both of you to experience. Some of these options are:


* Creating the magic bubble/ritual

* Sharing words of affirming love

* Releasing old wounds or trauma in the relationship

* Gift giving and adorning

* The Art of Tantric Kissing

* From Shakti to Shiva - The man receives from the woman

* From Shiva to Shakti - The woman receives from the man

* “The Lovers Den” intimacy coaching and counseling

My offerings are as space holding and witnessing, with some hands on techniques of bodywork if applicable. I would like to have a conversation with both you and your partner before we book the appointment, and discuss your desires, fear and boundaries. Thank you for sharing yourselves with me! I look forward to helping expand your love together.

(My Couples Services are ONLY available in San Francisco, thank you.)

yabyum chakras


krishna rahda

Tantra is about consciously living in the bliss of each present moment.

It’s about being open to feeling every sensation in your body in as many waking hours as possible. In my tantric coaching sessions, I include private ceremonies made for lovers, and I will talk you through the many levels of what tantra is about, including white tantra (yoga, meditation, spirituality), pink tantra (awakening the 5 senses, creating sacred space,) and red tantra (self-pleasuring exercises, breathing techniques, ways of sharing intimate connections with your partner, etc). No two session are alike, for I always discuss with each couple what is going on in their relationship, and which direction they would like to take my offerings.

I also offer intimate life coaching to my clients. This is when you both share and go over with me where in your life you can work on shifting your time to be more in alignment with the tantric path. We will look at how to create intentional space in your home, how to find time in your schedule to engage in tantric practices, and more. Please contact me at your earliest convenience, as I look forward to helping you on your tantric intimacy path soon!

yabyum vajrasattva







mudraThank you for taking the time to view my website. I am looking forward to meeting with you and offering a session of your choosing. Please make sure to fill out my booking form on this website in order to have a session with me, as well as read over all of my offerings on the different pages.


Until then, may your body, heart, and spirit be nourished with the divine gift called your life. Many blessings!

My email in case you have questions is [email protected]




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